Courts really do matter. While the other two branches of government constantly dominate the news cycle, the third branch often flies under the radar; only to surface when the Supreme Court decides a particularly controversial or significant case. But the Supreme Court is just a small fraction of our Federal Court system. In fact, the cases heard by the Supreme Court make up less than .1% of the over 400,000 cases heard in America. All others are heard by the District and Appellate courts. The outcomes of these cases have major consequences, and determine how our laws are interpreted and carried out. These court cases impact every area of our day-to-day lives, but often do not end up in the headlines or front pages.

Who assigns the judges to these courts? Ultimately, that is the job of the President. Although, with so many judges to nominate, the President leans heavily on the recommendations of Senators from each state. The current President has nominated and confirmed around 200 judges in just one term. These 200 judges will serve for life and are the final arbiters when it comes to the rights of all Americans. That is why it is so vital that the recommendations of our Senators be qualified individuals who are committed to upholding our constitutional rights. That is where the Courts Matter coalition of Nebraska comes in.

We are a collection of diverse organizations dedicated to educating, informing and if necessary, taking action on the nominees to our federal courts. Right now, we are calling on fellow Nebraskans to protect our constitutional rights by getting out to vote because courts matter. Click here to watch our video, and visit today to set yourself up for a vote at home ballot.

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