What We Do

The Courts Matter Coalition of Nebraska works to:

  • Educate the public and our elected officials about the importance of federal judges who sit on the U.S. District, Circuit and Supreme Courts.
  • Provide information about the judicial nominations process and the records of judicial nominees who will impact our Constitutional values and fundamental rights.
  • Mobilize our communities to speak out and take action on the President’s federal judicial nominees.

The Courts Matter Coalition of Nebraska monitors and takes action on federal judicial nominations because of the immense power held by the individuals who hold lifetime seats on the federal bench. The federal courts are the final arbiter when it comes to the rights of all Americans. Therefore, the composition of these courts, and the nominations process that determines this composition, affects every issue that is important to American citizens.

Why does this matter?

Much of our daily lives are affected by rulings that come down from federal courts. Our human rights, Constitutional rights, workplace rights, and so on can all be affected by these rulings.

What is the judicial emergency?

Currently, over 35,000 cases are in the federal court backlog due to the nationwide judicial vacancies. Texas and Pennsylvania have the largest amount of vacancies. Despite consistent nominations of judges to fill the vacancies, appointments aren’t taking place. In fact, many Senators are blocking their own judicial nominees. Republicans in general are the ones blocking these appointments – this is because they want to wait for a Republican to take the White House so that these cases are more likely to be ruled on in accordance with the Republican ideology. If Senators worked cooperatively, the judicial vacancies could be filled within a matter of months.

For more information, visit the national Courts Matter website: http://whycourtsmatter.org/

Who We Are

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